On Monday, August 21st, sitting with thousands of fellow travelers, the long awaited solar eclipse was only moments away. Below on the Earth, the energy among the crowd in Astral Valley was building rapidly. As the moon made its way in front of the sun, we all prepared for the moment of totality. The sunny day began to dim down, and as the shadow overcame us, the crowd howled to the heavens. For 2 minutes and 30 seconds we were bathed in twilight as we looked deep into the glowing halo that hung overhead. Moments later, the sun began to edge its way back into view, casting us back in the light, forever changed.


One of the many intricate art installations adorning the venue grounds.  Photo Courtesy: Jamie Seed Photography

The entirety of the weekend at the 4321 festival hosted by the stunning venue, Astral Valley, could be summed up in one word: Beautiful. The people, the land, the music, the organization-all of it was simply beautiful. The festival organizers, Tipper and friends, packed a plethora of some of the best musical minds in the scene, matched with sound equipment and visual artists that perfectly exemplify the cutting edge of today.

For music fans, 4321 hit all the high points. Due to the scheduling, there were no overlapping performances, giving fans a chance to see every artist they wanted to. There were no microphones used onstage, leaving the music to always speak for itself. The visual artists running the enormous visual screen were all top notch creators, keeping the flow and vibe of their accompanying musical artists perfectly. The security was nothing but friendly, helpful, and gracious in every interaction we had with them.


Around every corner one was sure to spot the balanced work of the team known as Gravity Glue. Photo Courtesy: Jamie Seed Photography

For the average festival goer, this was the perfect excursion away from the overcrowded, mega-hyped, overblown festivals most of us know all too well. Though sometimes we all feel the call of the wild with raucous entertainment behemoths like Bonnaroo and the like, there’s nothing like dialing it back and spending a relaxing weekend with amazing music and a few thousand like-minded friends.

Joining Tipper on the lineup were Vibes favorites such as Ott, Detox Unit, Kll Smith, and many more! Most random and surprisingly awesome set of the weekend goes to Supersillyus. His set combined the most hilarious combination of music and samples, visuals reminiscent of the cheesiest commercials you’ve ever seen, and just an overall extremely well rounded vibe. Each night as promised, Tipper took the main stage joined by visual artist Jonathan Singer. Together they created the wildest roller coaster of music ranging from uptempo to his famous Tip Hop style. His final performance took place in the early evening hours of Monday following the solar eclipse. His set began with an accompanying aerial performance by Quixotic, which led into a two hour journey through downtempo dreamscapes, eventually teeing up into the crunchy bass sounds that would carry the audience through the final night of this incredible event. As Tipper finished his final set, in typical fashion, he removed his headphones, held up two fingers in peaceful gesture, and raised his glass to us as he disappeared backstage.


The Vibes team immediately following totality.      Photo Courtesy: Jamie Seed Photography

There are whispers that this event, minus the eclipse, will be returning next year. We at Vibes truly hope it does because as long as the quality and integrity we experienced this year returns, we won’t be missing it.

If you have the opportunity to attend an event curated by this wonderful team, do yourself the favor, and just go. You will not regret it.


The moment of totality captured perfectly in this shot.    Photo Courtesy: Jamie Seed Photography

Special thanks to Jamie Seed for providing us with his amazing photographs, Astral Valley for hosting all of us, Tipper and friends for putting on the most incredible performances, and all of the staff and security who worked tirelessly to make the experience one we shall all hold dear.

Photo prints from the event, shot by Jamie Seed, are available for purchase Here !

By: Jon Jackson

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