We’re excited to welcome our good friend STETRA back to Arkansas as she gears up to headline August’s Last Sunday celebration. Now based in Texas, Stetra has been hard at work throughout Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, and South America bringing RnB soul, hip hop, house, disco, and techno vibes to club and festival crowds. Stetra got her start as DJ/Producer in Fayetteville and Little Rock and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her back to the State that fanned the flame of her passion for music. 

logoblack:   Welcome to the Vibes family! And back to Fayetteville. When was the last time you played in Fayetteville? Can you describe your experience coming up as a DJ in Fayetteville?

STETRA ✨: Thank you!! Hella stoked to be back 🙂 Honestly I have to pause to remember the last time I had played in Fayetteville and that means it’s been too long! I think it would have to be about a year or two when I did that silent disco at Crystal Bridges. BTW that was such a cool concept and definitely think Fayetteville needs to do that again 😉

logoblack: We know you have been a busy bee while living in Texas. What have you been up to? Where has music taken you?

✨: Let’s see where to begin…I moved down here straight out of college and started working at VLG – the same marketing agency I’m with today. Of course being in a new city, I had to grow my network and just get more involved in the scene down here. So playing gigs here and there eventually led me to becoming a part of LOLO. So our team is a branch off the PRIME team and we curate house and techno events. I’m so so stoked for our upcoming fall/winter shows. So right now we’re working on plans for 2017 and some other really cool stuff I can’t quite release yet hahah 😉 Aside of that, I’ve been learning all I can on production and working on my first EP so spending as much free time on that front.


logoblack: How you liking life having music as center stage in your lifestyle? What have been some of your favorite moments with music so far?

✨: Haha center stage…working everyday towards that goal. I do still hold a day job at VLG marketing agency and it’s rare that you can find a company that supports what you do outside of work and I think I lucked out having that. My coworkers are all really supportive of my music endeavors, and I do enjoy working and learning in the marketing industry because it really goes hand in hand to what I’m doing in my other projects. To answer the question, I absolutely love everything I’m working on right now especially music. It’s cool to pause every now and then (I try to anyways) to just take everything in and see the progress and the potential for more progress. So staying on that grind.

It’s interesting to see where music has taken me, but I’ve always wanted to be able to just play what I enjoy listening to and play it to a crowd that hopefully likes it too. Becoming a member of the LOLO team has really been one of many favorite moments so far because I’m now able to curate shows for a larger audience with a solid group of like minded artists that have become good friends of mine now. I had that in my Nocturnal crew back in Little Rock and when I moved to Dallas, I was  looking for something similar so I’m happy to say I’ve found it. 

logoowork:  Who are some of your biggest influences?

✨: Some of my biggest influences would definitely be Boombox, Tokimonsta, and Maya Jane Coles. Funny enough George’s is where I had seen my first legit “show” and it was Boombox back when I was 16/17 I think. My mom had taken me and she chilled and danced throughout the whole show so really cool to have her up here to see me play. Kind of full circle I guess haha. Tokimonsta and Maya Jane Coles I really admire and look up to both on a business level, but especially on a creative level. They’re so honed in on their craft and I love that they don’t limit themselves into one specific genre. They’re always creating and evolving as artists, yet they still keep true to their own style. You can play any of their tracks and tell it was them who produced it regardless of what genre the track was.

logoblack: What is a dream event / venue you would love to play someday?

✨: Damn that’s difficult to say. Although I’d have to say most definitely Red Rocks. That trip we took to see the Hard event there in 2013 is still one of my fave trips and experiences and getting the chance to walk up that walkway and be in that setting would be so unreal.

red rocks

logoblack:  How would you describe your vibe?

Ebb and flow for sure, but I would say my vibe can differ depending on setting, audience, my mood, and of course time I’m playing. After 7 years of mixing and going everywhere on the genre spectrum I’ve really honed into what I’ve split into my dual styles. These are both encompassed in my ENMOTION mix series with Nocturnal geared towards disco, house, and techno while Daybreak is more geared towards a more downtempo vibe with a lot of RnB soul and hip hop influence.

I grew up listening to whatever my big sister and parents had listened to and of course I’m being partial, but there music taste has always been on point. My sister would always listen to RnB or some hip hop and that left an impression on me. Then you have my parents who are huge disco and nu wave fans. I remember waking up on the weekends to my parents blaring Modern Talking while cleaning.

With the ENMOTION mix series, I’m kind of able to capture all of my music interests and translate it back to the audience.

STETRA Logo - Galactic Triangle

We’re excited to host STETRA, Purp Loder, Etotheyo, and Vulpˆ on the music side and Brandon Bullette and Octavio Logo and friend on the visual art side of the celebration. We’ll meet you at George’s Majestic Lounge on August 27th with a room full of good vibes to welcome you into the upcoming month – logoblack




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