In the 1950s, a man named Maurice Allais observed a swinging pendulum displaying gravity-related phenomena resulting in a disturbance in the regularity of its oscillation. This was reportedly observed by him once in 1954, and then again in 1959. A term was coined referring to this as the Allais effect. The significance of this effect is that it takes place during solar eclipses.

This Monday, the moon will pass into such perfect alignment, casting a shadow on the Earth spanning across the United States from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. To mark this event, people from all over the country are on their way to the many states that fall along the eclipse’s path to experience this moment together in what is referred to as “totality” – meaning the moon will be covering 100% of our view of the sun. 

Just south of St. Louis, over 4000 people are gathering together to spend the event with Tipper and a roster of some of the most respected and influential bass artists of our time.  Each day will be a journey for the senses, inspired bass music infused with elements designed in harmony with the spirit that this astronomical event inspires. Each night the sun will set and Tipper will take the stage, drawing the audience into his ever-evolving musical and visually ethereal world. Early afternoon Monday, August 21st, music and all other activities will cease at 1:17 pm to observe this momentous event, calculated to last 2 minutes and 40 seconds.


Among the musical talent coming from all over the globe, expect to see land artists – artists who strictly only use materials they find in nature to create their visions. Glass-blowing, stellar art installations and more will accompany the crowds this weekend in the valley. Workshops will be provided, among them astronomy, geology, and sustainable survival!

Perhaps it is the Allais effect, but the vibes of this cosmological event are drawing us to Astral Valley, and so we must go. Join us this weekend for an experience that’s sure to impress and awaken. Whether you plan to attend this event or not, please take the proper safety precautions when choosing safety glasses for viewing the eclipse. See everyone in 4…3…2…1…

Tickets and Information at :

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